ASR Rnd2 + new Race 1600 category

Most important update: new Race Cars category gets new sub-category names, and introduction of new Race Cars 1600 category starting in Round 3!

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SNF Racing 2015
Additional Supplementary Regulations No. 2
Issued on:  (6/4/2015)

 (For any rules not stated in this regulation, the interpretation of the rules set by FIA/FIM will be applicable.)




This is an MAM-inscribed Club Status event.

This competition is held under the Sporting Code of the National Competition Rules of the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) and any Additional Supplementary Regulations published from time to time.


  • Round 1: 7 February 2015 (SIC South Track)
  • Round 2: 11 April 2015 (SIC South Track)
  • Round 3: 16 May 2015 (SIC North Track) ENDURO
  • Round 4: 13 June 2015 (SIC North Track)
  • Round 5: 19 September 2015 (SIC South Track)
  • Round 6: 31 October 2015 (SIC North Track)


New sub-category for Race Cars and re-named sub-categories from Round 3 onwards:

8.8          Race Cars – Racing and competition-prepared cars. Low Volume Sportscars will be categorised in Open (previously Class 1). No street cars permitted.
There will be 2 sub categories

  • Race Cars Open (previously Race Cars Class 1) Above 1900cc.
  • Race Cars 1800 (previously Race Cars Class 2) 1900cc and Below
  • Race Cars 1600 (new category) 1600cc and Below, in production year 2006 and after, with 2500 units minimum produced in 12 consecutive months, and which have been available for sale in Asia.


Event Director                                   :               Adian Yein Khalid
Race Director                                    :               TBA
AAM Steward                                    :               TBA
MAM Steward                                   :               Azmi Ariffin
Clerk of the Course                         :               Fazli Muktar Affandi
Secretary of the Meet                   :               Shirin Aziha Shahidan
Assistant Secretary of Meet        :               NorFadillah Zainal Abidin
Chief Time Keeper                           :               Mazran Zamani Zulkifli
Chief Scrutineer                                :               Wan Mohamed Fauzi
Chief Course Marshal                     :               TBA
Chief Medical Officer                      :               Dr. Nor Azlin Zainal Abidin


Third party video MAY BE considered as evidence during investigation for Dangerous Driving and / or circuit misbehavior / misdemeanors.


  • Championship
    Enduro round is NOT compulsory.


  • Third party video MAY BE considered as evidence during investigation for Dangerous Driving and / or circuit misbehavior / misdemeanors.For accelerating before the Acceleration Zone, 20 seconds will be added to the total race time.




2.3  Competition-prepared cars

  • Race Cars – Racing and competition-prepared cars. Low Volume Sportscars will be classified in Open (previously Class 1). FIA-spec competition-prepared cars. Saloon-based, minimum production 2500 units per calendar year. No supercars. No street cars permitted.
    a) Race Cars Open (previously Class 1) Above 1900cc.
    b) Race Cars 1800 (previously Class 2) 1900cc and Below.
    c) Race Cars 1600 (new category) 1600cc and Below. The model must be for public sale or produced in the year 2006 and after. The Organiser will have the right to grant special dispensation for cars which do not fit the above criteria.
    Eligible cars must be mass-produced, Series Production Saloon cars, having at least 4-seats and in accordance with the dimensions defined by the FIA for Touring Cars (Group A).
    Should be model chosen not have the correct capacity engine, the competitor could upon application to the organiser fit another engine and transmission from the manufacturer range provided it does not exceed 1600cc. Larger engines that are destroked or sleeved will not be accepted. The decision by the organiser to approve, reject or modify such application is final.
    Only cars with two-wheel drive (Front or Rear wheel drive) are eligible. Cars with forced induction are not eligible.
    Hybrid cars having swept volume under 1600cc are allowed. Hybrid cars are defined by vehicles having two power sources to power the vehicle. The control system on these vehicles is free; however, the other mechanical parts of the car are subject to this regulation.


3.6  Race Cars 1600 category, transmission:

  • The transmission must be derived from the manufacturer’s range of production car transmission. New mounts are permitted. The number and attachment points to the bodyshell must remain as standard production.
  • Dog engagement gears are not permitted.
  • Gear ratios are free.

7.      ENGINE

7.11    Race Cars

7.11.1 Equivalency formulas as follows:

  • Forced induction engines will be subject to an equivalency factor of 1.7
  • Rotary engines will be subject to an equivalency factor of 1.9.

7.11.2 Open (previously Class 1)

  • Above 1900cc; Maximum capacity of 3500cc.
  • Any other engine capacities will be considered and may be approved on a case-to-case basis

7.11.3 1800 (previously Class 2)

  • Maximum capacity up to 1900cc.

7.11.3 1600

  • The numbers of attachment points to the bodyshell must remain as standard production.
  • Reverse heads not permitted.
  • Single throttle body only with a maximum diameter of 60mm; multiple individual throttle bodies not permitted.
  • Oil sump may be modified. Dry sump systems not permitted.
  • Forced-induction not permitted


8.1    All categories, with the exceptions stated below, are limited to use Achilles 123S in sizes 195/50-15.

  • SuperStreet limited to use Achilles 123S in 235/45-17, OR Achilles ATR Sport in other 17 inch or 18 inch sizes.

8.2    Racing Cars Class 1 & Class 2 tires are as stated below

8.2.1 For Open and 1800 tires are

  • Semi Slicks of any brand and sizes.
  • Slicks tires Achilles GS328 in sizes 19/57-15 or 24/61-17.

8.2.1 For 1600 tires are Achilles 123S in 195/50-15 only

8.3    Kei Street

  • Tires are ATR K Sport.
  • Other brands are limited to Threadwear rating 300 minimum in sizes 185/60-13 or 175/50-13.

8.4    Special Kei

  • Tires are ATR K Sport.
  • Other brands of street or semi slicks tires are limited to 185/60-13 or 175/50-13.


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