SNF Racer Leona Chin scores big in debut Caterham Championship Asia series


Part of the Malaysian motorsports scene for almost 10 years now, Leona Chin has been riding high this year with a win in the inaugural SNF Racing Saga Cup back in February, followed with coming in Runner-Up in SNF Racing Round 2 just two weeks past. On top of that her ‘Fast & Furious Nerd Shocks Instructors’ video has gone viral these past few weeks, and it seems that things are coming together for Leona this year!

Leona has been a part of SNF Racing since the start back in 2011 and has racked up a lot of door-to-door racing experience, which she put on display last weekend during the debut round of the Caterham Championship Asia which ran with the Malaysia Championship Series 2015 from 24-26 April 2015.

Qualifying on Friday was washed out as the skies opened up just before the Caterham Championship qualifying slot was scheduled to start. It calmed down enough about 15 minutes into the Qualifying session, and Leona was first out onto the circuit. “It was very wet, but I took my time to learn the circuit and push a little bit more each lap,” exclaimed Leona. It was no surprise to me that she put herself on pole with her time over 2-seconds ahead of the next car, those vital early laps belying her experience as she took every opportunity to sort out the race car on a wet circuit.

Leona adds another win to her tally for 2015, on top of winning Rnd 1 of the SNF Saga Cup earlier this year.

Leona adds another win to her tally for 2015, on top of winning Rnd 1 of the SNF Saga Cup earlier this year.

Race 1 on Saturday turned into a game of cat-and-mouse with eventual winner Halim Mu’Azzam, as he overtook Leona during a scrappy start which turned into a 10 lap long battle, as both drivers were never ever more than 1-second apart. “The dogfighting was exciting! I chased him hard, tried to get him on the brakes a few times but failed,” said Leona. “I decided it wasn’t worth the risk so decided to follow and put the pressure on.”

The race took it’s toll on Leona’s car, which was the ex-demonstrator, and it sputtered and died as she exited the final corner of the final lap, Leona coasting past the chequered flag taking second.

The tables turned in Race 2 the following day however. Halim lead away from the green lights, and once again looked strong as he seemingly comfortably held Leona behind. Leona remained cool, and once again pushed Halim hard, keeping the pressure on.

This time it paid off. 4th lap, heading into Turn 9 Halim locked up and lost control, and Leona swept past him for the lead, which she kept all the way to the chequered flag to claim the win!

“I’m lucky because he made a mistake and I took the chance, and ran away!” said an exuberant Leona after the race.

Leona claims her performance last weekend had a lot to do with the SNF Racing experiences: “Thanks to all the wet races, allowed me to drive fast in the rain during qualifying.”

As this point it is still unsure if Leona will continue to race in the Caterham Championship Asia series, as there may not be an available ride. We hope she’s able to continue, and continue to prove that when it comes to dogfighting, SNF racers are a hard bunch. Great job, Leona!

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