SNF Racing Enduro Regulations & ASR


It’s time for SNF Enduro 2015! Here I’ll list down the Enduro race Regulations, which are a bit different from a regular SNF Racing Sprint race.


1) Enduro duration
– 35 minutes, 2 drivers, compulsory driver change. 2nd driver is COMPULSORY.
– Why 2nd driver? This is SNF. Motorracing is Fun, so Share The Fun!

2) Venue for Round 3, Enduro: North Circuit
– Please refer to layout plan at bottom of page
– Traffic flow is strictly One-Way
– Pits space is available for rent at RM 100.00 per spot
– 1 pit will fit 5 cars. To rent a whole pit to yourself is RM 500.00
– Those not taking pits can set up tentage at the Tent Village area. As usual, lighting and some power points will be provided

3) 2-driver event with driver change
– The Guest Driver cannot be a contender from the same category. That means for example, a driver from Super1500 category can be Guest driver for Street Tuned.
– It is compulsory for both Drivers to drive in the Enduro format
– There will be a Driver Change window from minute 12 till minute 23. Driver change is compulsory. Tyre change and refuelling is not permitted.
– An indication light will be shown at the Start/Finish pitwall for when the Pit Window is open.
– Pitlane speed limit is 30km/h
– Compulsory pitstop time is 3-minutes. This will be timed from the moment the car enters the PitLane Entry, to the moment the car leaves the PitLane Exit. A 5-seconds time penalty will be imposed for every 1-second that the car is below the 3-minutes compulsory time, with a maximum of 20-seconds upon which the offending car/team will be disqualified. This will be timed electronically.
– Before entering the car, the second driver is required to sign a Driver Change Chit at one of the Check-In booths. This Chit is to be handed over to the first driver, who will sign and return the Chit to the Check-In booth. There will be four (4) Check-In booths within the Driver Change area
– Driver Change is only permitted at the designated Driver Change area. Repairs are not permitted to be conducted at the Driver Change area. Simple overall checking and fluid top-ups only permitted.

4) Repairs to a vehicle during the race
– Repairs are only permitted at the designated Repair Bay, and are limited to the following activities:
o Checking for vehicle and/or engine damage
o Replace punctured/damaged tyre
o Replace or repair minor electrical problems; example headlamp bulbs, fuse, spark plug
o Replace or repair minor mechanical problems; example adjustment of fender or bumper, top-up engine oil
– If a vehicle has serious problem that requires more than 3-minutes of attention, it will be asked to continue in the race (if possible) or will be required to retire (obvious serious damage)

5) Enduro and SNF Racing 2015 Championship
– Enduro is NOT COMPULSORY for the SNF Racing 2015 Championship
– ASR has been released that announces for Enduro round only, championship points awarded will be multiplied by 1.5

6) Other Updates
– SuperStreet category now permitted to run 195/50-15 Achilles 123S tyres.
– Parc ferme is COMPULSORY. Any car that does not immediately report to Parc Ferme after the race will be immediately disqualified.

7) Event Program
14:30 – 17:00   Registration & Log in
14:30 – 18:30   Scrutineering
18:30   Competitor’s Briefing (Compulsory)
19:00   Stewards check the circuit
19:15    Practice & Qualifying 25min – Special Kei, Super1500, Proton 1800
19:45   Practice & Qualifying 25min – Street Tuned, Super Street
20:15   Practice & Qualifying 25min – Race Cars Open, Race Cars 1800, Race Cars 1600
20:45   ENDURO 1 (35min) – Special Kei, Super1500, Proton 1800
21:30   ENDURO 2 (35min) – Street Tuned, SuperStreet
22:15   Club Parade
22:35   ENDURO 3 (35min) – Race Cars 1800 & 1600
23:20   ENDURO 4 (35min) – Race Cars Open
00:00  Prize Giving



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