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2015 will be the last year of SNF..


We are sad to see it go, but this year – 2015 – will be last year of SNF…

..and will be replaced with a bigger, more fun, more encompassing speed festival that will bring as many Malaysian grassroots motorsports activities together as possible!

After 6 years, and numerous races, and SNF Touge, and SNF Moto, and SNF MSR.. we are ready to organise a new motorsports carnival, with a mix of many types of events, using the SIC Full Circuit, and all-day activity and circuit action. Some events that will run in the new series are:
– Door-to-door racing, of course
– Open Track day
– Moto racing
– ‘Drag lambak’ (True street only)
– Time Attack
– Drift Attack (we’re looking a new type of drift sub-genre)
– Autoshow

It will all fit in one, big, exciting day out for both motorsports fans, and your families.
The formula will remain the same: Exhilarating, exciting racing!
Imagine that: 8:00 am till 7:00 pm of motorsports!

It will be a whole new event… but a familiar one. Codename for the new event? “MSF“.

In a nutshell to whet your appetite:
– Ignition Track day, 2 x 2hr sessions
– Registration for MSF Racing Series
– Registration for support event A
– Registration for support event B
Noon (concurrent)
– Support event A session 1 (North)
– Support event B session 1 (South)
– MSF Racing practice & qualifying
– Concurrent support event A & B session 2
– MSF Racing Race 1
– Concurrent support event A & B session 3
Evening (~ 6pm)
– MSF Racing Race 2

Support events, which may change during different rounds, will be Moto Street Race, Drag Lambak, Time Attack, Drift Attack, etc.

MSF Racing Series

MSF Racing Series will take off where SNF Racing Series signs off.
– categories will be the same!
– annual Challenge Trophy to be introduced for RC 1 and Street Tuned
– annual Challenge Trophy for other categories will be sponsor dependant
– Similar format: practice/qualifying + 2 races
– Standing starts with 1-minute pre-race grid, no more rolling starts (bring your own race queens!)
– full circuit
– 4 laps per heat for ‘small cars’, 5 laps per heat for ‘big cars’
– no change in entry fee for ‘small cars’, RM 50 increase in entry fee for ‘big cars’

More information will be released soon!

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